3D Images

As a part of Dr. Roberto Sauma´s mission to keep CosDent, Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic,  up to date with the newest technologies and providing more practical and expedite services to our patients we are proud to have our very own X-Ray Computed Tomography CT Scan machine.

Since Dr. Sauma makes sure to follow the right protocols and standards worldwide we always make sure that an implant is a good option for the patient requesting it, and the only way to confirm this is with a CT Scan of the patient´s jaws.

It consists in taking a 3D x ray of the desired sections by taking images from different angles to produce cross-sectional images, kind of like a virtual slices of your mouth bones. This will be the essential tool for placement your implants, making it more predictable and safe.

It not only constitutes an advantage for Dr. Sauma and our dentists in having this essential resource in our own facilities, but also for patients as they don´t need to visit external sites.

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