General Dentistry

In CosDent we offer General Dentistry services; Always focused on the needs of every patient, making sure that no matter the complexity of the treatment needed, our patients will receive an excellent attention and a high quality treatment that will fulfill their expectations.

Our clinic was designed to serve you in a pleasant and satisfying environment for you to feel comfortable all the time.

We use premium materials recognized globally and top quality technology to achieve perfect esthetic results with entirely precision.

Teeth Whitening

A teeth whitening allows a person to clear or improve the color of his teeth.

Different techniques exist regarding teeth whitening, one of them consist in applying the patient hydrogen peroxide which will be activated through a laser lamp in the dental chair.

Other technique consists of the dentist creating some customized plastic covers for each patient. Once they´re ready they are given to the patient with a carbamide peroxide solution for the patient to apply it at home for a determined period of time.

CosDent offers both treatments, one as complement for the other, that’s why we guarantee a clear improvement in the whitening of the teeth. Thanks to the customized plastic covers the patient is able to do his own teeth maintenance giving the procedure a greater effectiveness.


Endodontics is the treatment for root canals, which are located inside the teeth.

We have a specialist in Endodontics, Dr. Willie Jaikel, who earned his specialty in the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi, Mexico and joined the College of Dental Surgeons of Costa Rica in 2009. He is currently an instructor in the area of Clinical Endodontics Graduate University of America.

Together with Dr. Sauma and CosDent team, we manage to provide the care and service you need and deserve.

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